Turquoise Roads

by Painted Honey

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Born in 2013 at the Port street house from a 6 of cups card. We call it Witch pop infused with magical realism.


released January 1, 2016

MaeDea - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Sarah Peterson - Vocals
Shaye Cohn - Trumpet, vocals
Erica Lewis - Vocals, Bass drum
Ian Cooke - Violin
David - Bass

Collaborating Artists:
Oliver Baylock - Violin
Alex Hood - Guitar, Vocals
Joseph Faison IV - Guitar
Paul Wright - Guitar
Brian Hullfish - Cello

Cover Art: Ebony Galluzzo****

Recorded at Moist Mountain Studios. St Roch, New Orleans. Joseph Faison IV


all rights reserved



Painted Honey New Orleans, Louisiana

Painted Honey is musical poetry between cello, violin, vocals, flute and guitar. Their music centers beauty, transformation, vulnerability, sensuality expression, wildness. They are based out of New Orleans and soon to be releasing their second album.

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Track Name: Asterion
He's a silver one who runs through deep snow
his horns are the only ones I know
his hoofbeats are my drums
they move me
to leave my flesh behind
you can carry me in your hinting eyes
i will dance in between your silver thighs
when I leave my flesh behind
through soliloquy of silver lines
Three voices in one mouth
mountain heaven underground

Now that I am here again
breathing in the dirt holding turquoise stones
The crescent shapes of bodies curled around me gone
most of what I remember slipped into snow
i came back in the morning and it's dark now
it's my gift to press my lips into your shining brow

Three voices in one mouth
mountain heaven underground
Track Name: Turquoise Roads
The heat drew the ironwood songs
Stand tall like a banded gecko
you can take that wherever you go
ambrosia ambrosia
That cotton root's got that fire and blood
Saunter down that slender line
Filled with Silver and Moon light
and sing
and sing and sing
loud and sing

The sunlight is the beacon of the white bone cross
where I left them
The golden mystic he can tend them
I loved him
l loved him
Life giving embrace, wild tongue of the snake
Here we go
here we go again
Sing me whole
sing me whole
sing me whole again.
Track Name: Inheritance (For Sylvan)
Heard you walking through the storm
your the kind that burns with a bright light
Lion eyes climb the walls
reach out higher
You are a secret treasure
that i have begun to know
oh seeker
we go down to the rivers.
Live birth die live again
silver white silver lines
Lion eyes climb the walls
Lion eyes Reach out higher

See I was lost when there was nothing left
I knew i found much more strength
Everything came flooding in
and everything came pouring out again.

Lion eyes climb the walls
reach up higher.

Live birth love die live again silver white silver lines
oh honey bejeweled eyes.
Track Name: Clay Halos
Nine points are the horns that run through the milk.
Nine points are the gates that open to the dreamer
Stir me into Lazuli
Breathe me into the beauty
Clay Halos
Clay Halos
Colors of sand jaguar sienna
when you touch my body
colors fly out of my mouth
when you touch my body
worlds within worlds
licked kissed and learned
Clay Halos
Clay Halos
I saw your smile running through the tattoos
on my thigh
sweet and hot
I be rubbing star cream on my honey's heart
sweet and hot
clouds of hooded cobra
smiling diamond eyes.
he paints on a river road.
vultures everywhere
Clay Halos
Clay Halos
Toe shoes and cloud ringlets
gay kingdoms of mysterious queer ones.
Track Name: Ocotillo
Delicious taste
opening archways
coral mouth in bloom
extensions into heavens
I found a way to taste starlight forever

When i return i promise to
visit you first
in the heat and
in the heat
I found a way to taste starlight forever
Track Name: Cradle Of The Hush
Riding through a thunder
Stretches of a darkness
searching in the center
center of the sun

Circling Vultures
sweeping out the histories
sweeping our the violence
It comes undone

All the passes passes through a darkness
through the clouds
I call in home
home is where the heart is
following the mountains
Sierra Madres
I remember who I am

Come Home

See the long green table
full of family
full of loved ones that have gone before
they the singers
Streaming voices
calling Ceremony

Come Home

Cradle of the hush inside the breaking of the storm
Cradle of the hush in the Chiricahuas
I see a form shaping
shaping in the dew light
shaping n the lightening
sky islands
there's a fineness akin to the panther
through the blood and dust
he's singing me through

Come home
come home

When I take him in my arms, feel
my strength
when I take him in my arms, that's my song
When I take him in my arms, feel my strength
thats my song
Track Name: Paper Moon Houses
The world can break it's just hard to stay
no I won't let you down
turn it over
weave that starlight
clear and cloudless
I'm suckin nectar
You can show me summer
you can show me rain
reviving beauty through mending dreams
I'm dancing barefoot through dust and leaves
It's an animal moon howl
rattle of the shake
rattle of the shake
A chariot untied
Let's ride
Let's ride

Nothing yet everything is true
in the dream we chose
all we are all that we have been stirring up the stars
stir stir it in to the mix
taste a little glimpse
and stir it in
transmission of the lost scrolls
i'm crossing roads
Rattle of the shake
Trans Let's dance let's dance
A Chariot untied let's ride
we're living 7 lives
let's ride

Hold me tender in my house of flame and rivers
Track Name: Ethiopia Anoint My Brow
There's a wicked light in lover's eyes
in his hand's
he grips my thighs
to toss me up in the night sky
like a twirling twine
my dress becomes alive

Infinite Dreamer - Spinning and Weeping

There's a sweet light in my lover's eyes
I climb high up to his cheekbones
and press my lips
the secret desert moans
pass me the cup of honeycomb
pass me the cup of honeycomb
sweet and low

Infinite dreamer

His heart contains a swagger, coral wreaths of fire
He of many faces hang in silver mirrors.
He only sees me in the water
In the light of the last moon he shed the skin
In the light of the last moon he slipped beneath
to be with me
In the light of the last moon he slipped beneath to be with me.
Track Name: Jaguar And The Journey
In the center
this is where i am walking
When you reach my heart
it's mountain
it's a mountain
the saguaro they are thick and they are green
the rivers run clear and they are clean
they tumble down
into everything

When you reach my heart
it's a mountain
it's a mountain
the cracks like paths to new names to more change
this is where i am walking
pulling thunder
pulling thunder
pulling thunder
in the dark in the street in the street in the wildest dreams
you brought me here

And when you reach the heart
it's a mountain

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